Go Swim Twitter News – February 1, 2013

Starting with a lawsuit… just amazing, and the only connection to swimming in this one is that Michael Phelps is a spokes person for Subway… enough connection for me. 🙂

Subway Footlong Lawsuit – Will the new ad read $5 for 11.25" x 3.45" Sandwich? Catchy? – http://bit.ly/WGSAQL

The Man, Myth, and Legend Retires- 1 of my fav writers writes about 1 of my fav swimmers- @mikelgustafson @JasonLezak http://bit.ly/WGW45T

QUOTE OF THE DAY – Attitude at practice, how do your teammates see you? “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go” – Oscar Wilde

BBC Sport – Paralympics swimming chief John Atkinson quits GB post for Canada – http://bbc.in/WGU6m2

Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky hasn’t outgrown high school swimming – LOVE the pics @katieledecky – http://wapo.st/WGUG3k

She Said/He Said: Thoughts on New NCAA Recruiting Rules – Love Jeff’s "GET OFF MY LAWN" comment – http://bit.ly/WGVm8N

Teen swimmer always brings a four-footed life preserver – Great story and beautiful dog too – http://bit.ly/WGVGnX