03/18/04 CCB Masters Stroke Count — Minus and Plus Cycle

03/18/04 CCB Masters Stroke Count — Minus and Plus Cycle

Counting your strokes per lap in practice is a really good way to become more tuned in to your strokes and your technique. Usually, when your stroke count starts to climb, it means your technique has fallen off and you need to pay more attention to details (like streamlining and head position) to get your count back in line. In a typical stroke-counting set, you work on taking FEWER strokes per lap…or you work on holding STEADY with a certain stroke count. In this practice, you do those things, but you also have a chance to ADD strokes — to learn what it feels like to swim with a higher than normal stroke count. The key is to add strokes but still feel in control … and still feel smooth and rhythmic.

400 choice. Fins optional.

MAIN SET #1: 1100
In the following set, your sendoffs aren’t so important as hitting your stroke count exactly on the nose. Take ABOUT :30 RI on the 100s, :25 on the 75s; :20 on the 50s; and :10 to :15 on the 25s.

4 X 25 Freestyle at a BRISK pace on :10 RI. Count strokes on each lap and take your average as “N.”

1 X 100 FR @ N-2 (N minus 2 strokes) on each length
2 X 75 FR @ N-1
3 X 50 FR @ N
4 X 25 @ N+1

1 X 100 FR @ N-1
2 X 75 FR @ N
3 X 50 @ N+1
4 X 25 @ N+2

MAIN SET #2: 1000
Swim 3 to 4 rounds of the following, depending on how much time you have. Take approximately :10 rest on the 25s; :20 on the 50s; :25 on the 75s; :30 on the 100s.

Swim all rounds with fins.

1 X 75 FLY
1 X 50 (25 BK + 25 BR)
1 X 75 (BK/BR/FR)
1 X 100 IM

200 EZ

Total Yardage: 2700