Go Swim Twitter News – February 13, 2013

Great honor for Navy swimmer and Paralympian & how much does it cost to host the Olympics anymore?

QUOTE of the Day – Trust in the work you’ve done during taper – “It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when they have lost their way.”―Rollo May

Naval Officer Brad Snyder Honored With Prestigious Award | Tremendous and GO NAVY! @SwimmingWorld @NavyMSwim//bit.ly/YcHbXH

Vid of the Day – Dominik Meichtry Head Position on Freestyle – Go Swim – //bit.ly/XzE11Z

Catching Up With…Nancy Hogshead-Makar – Very nice @Hogshead3au//bit.ly/XzyCIn

Russia’s $50 Billion Olympics – Absolutely incredible expense. Is it worth it? – //bloom.bg/XzzMUd

Freestyle – Active Gliding – GoSwim! – //bit.ly/YcMTZE

The Olympics Will Regret Dropping Wrestling From 2020 Games – Reality on swimming coverage for non swimmers? – //onforb.es/XzAHDS

20 Question Tuesday: Haley Anderson – "I only talk about my goals w/ my coaches" Love it @halswims//bit.ly/YcJQjZ