Go Swim Twitter News – February 25, 2013

Some wisdom from a great musician, great swimming from Brendan, and a new swim show starts this week

QUOTE of the Day – One of my Fav musicians – be creative in training – “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” â€• Frank Zappa

Florida Ends Auburn Men’s 16-Year Streak; Georgia Women Win Fourth | Great SEC Championship as usual @SwimmingWorldhttp://bit.ly/Yu5key

Vid of the Day@BrendanHansen | Connect hands, Head, and Hips Going to Streamline – http://bit.ly/Yua1F5

Deep Sea Creatures – Nature’s Microworlds – Beautiful vid of the deep deep sea – http://bit.ly/Yu5N0n

Gregg Troy on Training Olympians and Gators | Great stuff @GatorZoneSwimDv @FlaSwimNetworkhttp://bit.ly/Yu6mXP

Club Swim – Premier coming this Wednesday @clubswimshowhttp://bit.ly/Yu9zXx

Freestyle – Wrist Drag – GoSwim! – http://bit.ly/YubP0U