Go Swim Twitter News – February 28, 2013

 Great quote by Saban, submersible phones, and some GREAT art

QUOTE of the Day – Which are you? "Some people learn by words. Some people can learn by consequences. Some people can’t learn." – Nick Saban

Underwater Dolphin Kicking in Breaststroke | Considering unlimited dolphins is just plain dumb – How about NONE? – http://bit.ly/YIDdZd

Mobile marvels and submersible smartphones unveiled | Get ready coaches – Sending my phone to @Liquipel – http://bit.ly/YICXJD

Learning to Swim at All Ages – Helping people overcome this fear is a great joy @mikelgustafson @USA_Swimming – http://bit.ly/Z2fn8R

Vid of the Day – Watched this with a swimmer last night. Forgot how amazing Scott Tucker was – Consistent Kick – http://bit.ly/Z2j5PG

Haydn Welch Ice Mile training swim | Ok, some people are just made for this. NOT ME! @swimmersdaily – http://bit.ly/YIFnIl

Cullen Jones eases back into pool – Go get ’em @CullenJones @dmswimmac – http://bit.ly/Z2h4TN

Freestyle – Ultra-Fast Turns – GoSwim! – http://bit.ly/YIJYKo

Giant Ocean Waves of Wood and Glass by Mario Ceroli – Absolutely gorgeous and amazing – http://bit.ly/YIGO9x