Main Set Monday – Tough 50’s

Here’s a quick set of 50’s that you can throw into a workout to keep the swimmers on their toes.

Main Set (short course yards):
 – 20 x 50s
  – These are to be done in 5 sets of 4.
  – The first 3 50s are on the :45 and can be done with the goal of JUST making the interval… very easy.
  – The 4th 50 in each set is what we call a "touch and go".  That 50 is on the :30.

You want to make the 4th 50 to be barely makeable, or even if they miss it by a little, it’s an all out sprint.  Then they have to IMMEDIATELY go into the 3 x 50s on the :45, which while typically would be very easy… all of the sudden become a bit tougher.