Go Swim Twitter News – March 6, 2013

Some wisdom from Winston Churchill and watch the Motivate Me Monday video… beautiful.

QUOTE of the Day – As Championship season descends – “For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.”―Winston Churchill

California Nearing End of Stanford’s Three-Decade Dominance of Pac 12s | @SwimmingWorld – http://bit.ly/ZpgWOm

Vid of the Day – Beautiful stuff from @DavoDenniston & Staciana Stitts Winfield – Underwater Flow – http://bit.ly/ZaWV01

20 Question Tuesday: Garrett Weber-Gale – Very cool @GWeberGale @USA_Swimming – http://bit.ly/ZaTdTV

Behold the World’s Longest Water Slide | Now that looks like fun & good balance practice @swimmersdaily – http://bit.ly/ZaU7jp

Motivate Me Monday Faces Of The NCAA Dalton Herendeen – Yep… GREAT motivation – Thanks @SwimUtopia – http://bit.ly/Zpi703

If you’re a breaststroker, always think like a breaststroker – Breaststroke – High-Hands Freestyle – GoSwim! – http://bit.ly/ZaY8Eu