Main Set Thursday – All fins to save the shoulders

Needed to give the shoulders a little break today, so did this main set entirely with fins (except at the end) and mostly kick.

MAIN SET:  2000
Swim three rounds of the following.  Take only 10 to 20 seconds rest after the 250s swim//kick and after each round of 5 X 50 kick.   Keep it moving!

250 easy swim/kick by 50 
5 X 50 kick on the fastest sendoff/turnaround you can manage and still get 5 to 7 seconds rest (these are fast and intense).  Each 50 is 25 dolphin kick on your back + 25 flutter kick on your back.

Do a final round of:
250 easy swim/kick by 50 
5 X 50 breaststroke kick (no fins on this) on a sendoff that gives approximately 5 seconds rest.  To kick it up a notch, do these final 50s as breaststroke with an extra kick.