Go Swim Twitter News – April 3, 2013

Aaron Peirsol getting back in the pool & 20 Questions with Connor Jaeger 

QUOTE of the Day – Continue to think about swimming innovation – “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”―Albert Einstein

Aaron Peirsol Looking Forward to Giving Back to the Sport | Great stuff @SwimmingWorld – http://bit.ly/11kUjOd

Vid of the Day – 7 Competitive Turns w Steve Haufler – Teaching Ready Position and Pushoff – Ready Position – http://bit.ly/11kZE89

20 Question Tuesday: Connor Jaeger – Congrats on a great season @conjaeg – http://bit.ly/11kUzwx

Awesome April Fools story starring Anthony Ervin that we missed | Nice acting chops @AnthonyErvin – http://bit.ly/11kVEoa

Bleak 2016 Olympics ahead – The Olympics needs the stories like Chad le Clos – Hope SA can figure this out – http://bit.ly/10wBjJW

What If You Had Only One Swimmer? – GoSwim! – http://bit.ly/11l01Q2

Russia’s Winter Olympics to Break Spending Records – Can’t imagine it getting cheaper to host – http://bit.ly/11kYp8Q