Swimming Set of the Week – April 5, 2013

Something for everyone this week: kick, pull, choice, and tethers…always fun. 

Saturday practice for Barbara’s masters team in Vermont.  Modified version below for lanes using slower sendoffs.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

4 X 75 choice (25 kick + 25 drill + 25 swim) on 1:20, 1:30 or 140
4 X 50 free
     Odd 50s:  Mid-pool flip on first length
     Even 50s:  Tennessee Turn

MAIN SET:  2400
9 X 50 with fins on fastest sendoff/turnaround you can manage for the kick and still get 5-10 seconds rest.  Swim this as 3 rounds of:
     2 X 50 (25 dolphin kick on your back + 25 flutter kick on your back)
     1 X 50 freestyle using a 6-beat kick

1 X 200 freestyle pull at recovery pace, breathing equally to right and left

Your choice of 2 X 200 OR 4 X 100
These are choice of stroke and equipment.  If you choose the 200s, you should negative-split the second 200.  If you choose the 100s, you should descend time 1-4.

1 X 50 easy recovery

2 X 25 on tether

1 X 50 easy recovery

Now…repeat everything in the main set, starting with the 9 X 50.

4 X 50 easy pull

MODIFIED VERSION:  2000 yards for the main set
Barbara’s "Tech Group" (beginner- to intermediate-level swimmers) did the entire practice as written except that they skipped the 2 X 200s/4 X 100s on their second time through the main set.  They used the lightest level of tether, with several swimmers using fins on the tether.