Go Swim Twitter News – April 17, 2013

Patience is an important trait to keep in mind, that and making sure your smoothy doesn’t have too many calories 

QUOTE of the Day – Developing GREAT techniques takes time – “He that can have patience can have what he will.”― Benjamin Franklin

Missy Franklin Joins Illustrious List of Swimmers to Win AAU Sullivan Award | Congrats @FranklinMissy – http://bit.ly/112rxzj

Vid of the Day – @Rolandschoeman – Breakouts – http://bit.ly/12m02nq

Nutrition: Top Tips for Choosing Smoothies – Guess the peanut butter smoothy is out for me @USA_Swimming – http://bit.ly/112sqrN

Help Glen Christiansen recover from his near-fatal accident | @swimmersdaily – http://bit.ly/112sCak

Olympic Swimmer Anthony Ervin On Giving Away his Gold Medal, Jack White and World Travel | @AnthonyErvin – http://bit.ly/12lY3iP

Freestyle – Resistance Catch Training – GoSwim! – http://bit.ly/112urEv