Main Set Monday – 2 Minutes

One of our standard sets where everyone is going on the same interval.

The goal of these sets to the athletes, is to challenge them to go as far as they can, until they fail.  Then they can take a swim off, or recover with the kick, and then try again.

Everyone goes a swim or kick every 2:00.  Some lanes will attempt 175 yards, while others will be trying to make 100s.  The important thing is, that when you miss your target distance, you swim easy, or cut back the goal for the next swim to something you can complete within the 2:00.

Main Set (short course yards, but it doesn’t matter here)
The swimmers are leaving EVERY 2 MINUTES, what they’re assigned changes, and the kick can be used for recovery or more work.

1 – swim
1 – kick
2 – swim
1 – kick
3 – swim
1 – kick
4 – swim
1 – kick
5 – swim
1 – kick

Short Break

3 – swims trying to go 1 length further than you went on any of the sets… if even for just the 1st on.