Go Swim Twitter News – April 30, 2013

Vlad turning pro, and a dual country Olympics?  Very interesting. 

QUOTE of the Day – Yep – “The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field.”―Vince Lombardi

Sizzling Siberian Vlad Morozov Goes Pro Early | @SwimmingWorld – http://bit.ly/12WJ6nI

Vid of the Day – Fran Crippen – Skills for Open Water – Reading the Pack – http://bit.ly/11yNeHL

The 10K Race is not a Marathon – Gotta be very fit & versatile – @USA_Swimming – http://bit.ly/11yM0fE

James Magnussen Aims For Realistic Targets In Wake Of Olympics – www.SwimUtopia.comhttp://bit.ly/12WKlTZ

No idea what this says, but @LiaNeal even makes impact in China! @AnthonyErvin too – 伦敦奥运夺牌 美华裔泳将获名校史丹福大学录取-中新网 – http://bit.ly/12WKxTc

Freestyle – Single-Arm Sighting – GoSwim! – http://bit.ly/12WLiM3

San Diego 2024 Olympics in Tijuana? How a cross-border Games could work – Very interesting – http://bit.ly/12WL1Zl