Swimming Set of the Week – May 10, 2013

This week’s set integrates drilling and swimming…freestyle and backstroke.

4 X 50 backstroke (fins optional) with mid-pool flip on first 25 of each 50.  Do the mid-pool flip on your “goofy” (less comfortable) arm.  Focus on rolling and pulling immediately into your somersault.

MAIN SET:  1800
Four rounds of the following (fins optional):
1 X 50 flutter kick on your back with only your nose and mouth above water (goggles are under water).
1 X 100 (50 of 2Left/2Right backstroke + 50 backstroke.
Goal:  Show BOTH shoulders on every stroke.  Rotate!

Four rounds of the following:
1 X 50 freestyle pull with pull buoy at ankles.  Focus on what the pull buoy is doing.  You can’t see it, but try to make it move in a straight line down the pool.
1 X 100 freestyle, using the core to stabilize your body.  Focus on swimming straight without letting the legs swing side to side.

Four rounds of the following:
2 X 25 with Tempo Trainer; do one 25 freestyle and one 25 backstroke (find a cadence that works for both strokes)
1 X 100 with Tempo Trainer; swum as 50 freestyle + 50 backstroke
Round #1:  TT is at relaxed cadence, e.g., 1:20
Round #2:  TT is at a faster cadence, e.g., 1:15
Round #3:  TT is at a faster cadence, e.g., 1:10
Round #4:  TT is at a faster cadence, e.g., 1:05