Backstroke – Thumb Out Pinky In

Identifying how the hands work in backstroke is the beginning of developing a good recovery and catch.

Why do it:
Slicing out and slicing in makes for a better backstroke.

How to do it:
 Start kicking in the side lying position with your bottom had at your side.
2)  Exit the water with your thumb, and raise your hand to a 90° angle to your body and pause there.
3)  Turn the hand 180° so your pinky is now the leading edge.
4)  Stroke and fall the recoverying hand into the water pinky first.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Don’t rush the pause.  Moving this drill forward to a more complex progression will require a certain level of mastery with the balance position while the hand is held high above the water.

This video was shot completely with my iPhone.  Find out how soon.