Swimming Set of the Week – June 28, 2013

Boot camp this week!

WARMUP: 400 on your own

8 X 25 (2 free, 2 breast, 2 back, 2 fly)

Three rounds of the following.  Be sure to note your total time for each circuit, and the goal is to descend your time on each circuit.   There’s a lot of choice within the set, but do the same thing in each round so that you can compare your times.  Other than the rest intervals specified below, it’s your choice how much rest to take.

1 X 200 choice
Swim half a length, flip, and swim back to the starting wall to start your “official” 200.

1 X 50 kick on your back (choice of kick) while holding a pull buoy in the air with both hands.  After the 50, climb out and hold “Wall Sit” for 30 seconds.   Need more challenge?  Use a med ball instead of a pull buoy for the kick.

1 X 100 choice
Swim half a length, get onto your back and KICK back to the starting wall to start your “official” 100.  After your 100, rest EXACTLY 30 seconds and then push off for…

2 X 25 choice, with exactly 20 seconds rest between the 25s.  Touch the wall and you’re done!  Get your total time for the circuit.