Main Set Thursday – Freestyle Technique

Working four different aspects of freestyle today.  So much to learn!

Negative split means that the second 100 should be faster than the first 100.

Follow the links to examples of how to do the focus points.

4 X 50
Odd 50s:  Position 11 Freestyle (like catch-up free but the hands don’t touch)
Even 50s:  Extend front to back on each stroke

1 X 200 freestyle; negative split; focus on extending and “searching” with the hand before going into the catch

4 X 50 back or free
Focus on taking at least 2 dolphin kicks off each wall, and be sure you’ve transitioned to flutter kick as you break out.

1 X 200 back or free; negative split; see how many turns you can do with 2 underwater dolphins and a flutter-kick breakout.

PINKY-OUT SET:  200 + 200
4 X 50 freestyle
Focus on a pinky-first exit.  Try to avoid “drama” as your hand exits the water.  The real focus happens under the water during the second half of the pull, as you position the hand for a pinky-first exit.

1 X 200 freestyle; negative split; when your mind starts to wander, go back to focusing on a pinky-first hand exit

8 X 25 freestyle or backstroke
Focus on maintaining momentum into your first few strokes by adding a little extra UMPH to your flutter kick on the breakout.

1 X 200 free or back; negative split; focus on adding extra umph with your kick on each breakout

4 X 50 free or back; start with Tempo Trainer at a relaxed cadence.  Increase the cadence by :05 on each 50

1 X 200 back or free; negative split; use one Tempo Trainer setting of your choosing.  Choose wisely because you’re now doing a 200 and you need to negative-split it.  To get the negative split, you’ll need to feel as if you’re almost “slipping” on the first 100 and will have to figure out how to get more out of each stroke on the second 100.