Eight New Breaststroke Chapters Uploaded

New drills from Breaststroke Basics with Steve Haufler, and a drill shot at one of our practices.

Here’s some new content for our subscribers to www.goswimtv.com.  We’ve had a busy week and hope this gives you some new content to watch over the weekend.  Enjoy.

Breaststroke Basics with Steve Haufler Chapters
  –  Underwater Flow with Breaststroke Pull
  –  Underwater Breaststroke
  –  Head-Up Breaststroke Pull
  –  Two-Up and Two-Down Breaststroke
  –  Breathing Every Other Stroke
  –  Lane-Line Breaststroke
  –  One-Arm Breaststroke

  –  Practicing a Long Breaststroke