Announcing Pre-Teaching and Team Sharing

The next phase of has arrived, and you can start taking advantage of it today!

Since May of 2003, when we published our first DVD, Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston, we’ve worked to establish our little business as the most respected producer of swim-technique content in the world.  Here are a few of the things we’ve created for swimmers and coaches over the years:

 – More than 3 dozen full-length DVDs featuring world-class swimmers
–  More than 3,000 individual video clips showing the technique of 24 Olympians 
 – 500+ FREE Drills of the Week (receiving more than 20 million views on YouTube)
 – 1,500+ FREE sets and workouts for swimmers of every level
 – The industry’s first app, Go Swim, with more than 200,000 downloads (It’s FREE and available for iOS and Android.)
 – The FIRST subscription-based swimming video site:

At Go Swim, we’re always trying to deliver the latest in swim technique with the newest in technology.  We take advantage of the most recent advances in smartphones, tablets, and connectivity, to deliver our content to coaches and swimmers in the most useful way.   We also are atuned to the most recent advances in education, especially the success of the "flipped classroom" to speed the learning process.  The trend is to pre-teach students with online video before they come to class, allowing teachers to use valuable class time to refine and teach the fine points.   With these technological and educational advances in mind, we’ve developed the next phase of Go Swim…a new and improved platform that gives coaches the ability to share our content directly with their swimmers before they come to the pool.  The new platform makes it super easy and super inexpensive to share content with swimmers…delivering it directly to their phones, tablets, and computers.   

The swimmers can watch a video of what they’ll be practicing PRIOR to showing up at practice.  When they walk on deck, the swimmers will already have the concepts and movements embedded in their mind, and the coach can start immediately to watch, teach, and further advance their technique and learning.  

We’ve built a safe, simple system, and have made it very affordable for groups everywhere to take advantage of our vast collection of high-quality swimming videos.

Here’s how simple it is  —

Simply search through the videos, listen to what these elite athletes say about their technique, watch drills, and absorb images and ideas about what you want to incorporate in your practices.

When you’ve found the video you want to share with your group, simply click the SCHEDULE button, select the day you’d like your swimmers to see the video, type in your own message, and click SCHEDULE.  On the date you choose, the video will be sent via email to each swimmer.   They can watch it when they want…and as many times as they want.  

That’s it.  Get the swimmers to the pool and drop them in the water.  The swimmers who don’t immediately "get it" will be easy to pick out, and those are the ones who need your help the most.

It’s pretty simple.  It’s very inexpensive.  And the system has already proven to be highly effective.   We invite you to grab an annual subscription today and start watching videos of some amazing swimmers.   Next week, we’ll add the option of adding your swimmers to the program.  The process will be easy, and we think you and your swimmers will enjoy some amazing breakthroughs and improvement.

Come on over to for more details…and thanks as always for your support.

Scheduling and sharing features will be available to anyone with an Annual Subscription.  Coaches will be able to build training groups with up to 100 swimmers for no additional cost.  The swimmers can watch one shared video per week for free.  If the swimmers want to see more of what the coach shares, swimmer accounts start as low as $2.99 / month, which would allow them to watch everything the coach shares, up to one video per day.