Swimming Set of the Week – September 27, 2013

Our set of the week has several goals: train for SCM in SCY…hone your sense of pace…practice “back-half” swimming.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

TURN SET:  200
4 X 50 with mid-pool flip on first length
Odd 50s:  Freestyle
Even 50s:  Backstroke

MAIN SET #1:  1350
Three rounds of the following:

3 X 125 on approximately 30 seconds rest interval; descend 1-3 AND swim the final 50 of each 125 at a faster pace than the first 75.

75 easy recovery

GOAL:  Lock in the feeling of doing a “back-half” swim and lock in the feeling of swimming farther than a 100 (in preparation for an SCM meet, for example).

Try to swim something different (or use different equipment) on each round, e.g., Round #1 might be freestyle, Round #2 might be backstroke, Round #3 might be freestyle with fins.

MAIN SET #2:  500
GOAL:  Practice negative-splitting at a higher intensity.

1 X 200 choice of one stroke or IM; negative-split the 200 (second 100 is faster than first 100)

1 X 200 easy recovery

1 X 100 choice of one stroke or IM; negative-split the 100