Swimming Set of the Week – October 25, 2013

Our set of the week features a 300-yard (or meter) mini set that works great as part of a taper.  It helps you focus on several key aspects of a good race:  achieving easy speed; getting a solid, streamlined pushoff; maintaining speed through the breakout; being aware that lengthening your stroke can be way more effective than churning your stroke.

For the 25s, use a sendoff/turnaround that gives at least a 1:1 work/rest ratio…up to a 1:2 work/rest ratio.   Barbara’s masters swimmers use :40 during the season and :45 during taper for SCY.  For SCM, use :45 or :50.

Do the same stroke throughout.

4 X 25; count strokes per length
#1:  Use a nice long stroke, but make it feel like swimming, not drilling
#2:  Add 1 stroke
#3:  Add another stroke
#4:  Add another stroke and be sure to get your time

100 easy recovery

4 X 25
#1:  Swim at your highest stroke count from above and be sure to get your time.  This is your TARGET TIME.
#2:  Take off 1 stroke, but hold your target time
#3:  Take off another stroke and hold your time
#4:  Take off another stroke and hold your time