Main Set Monday – Combining Technique and Swim

Workouts that combine technique focus and actual swimming are always popular with Barbara’s masters team.  This one got a lot of thumbs up.    Click the links to see the videos the swimmers watched before practice.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

8 X 25 on :35; IM order twice through; OK to drill or kick

On all of the sets today, the freestyle is choice of swim, pull, or fins.

HAND-ENTRY SET:  400 or 450
3 X 50 freestyle; first 25 is exaggerated crossover hand entry; second 25 is hand entry directly above shoulders

3 swims on 1:30; these are freestyle and your choice of distance; just make the sendoff and make sure your hands are entering on a line directly above your shoulders

RELAXED-NECK SET:  400 or 450
3 X 50 freestyle; first 25 swim with eyes looking forward; second 25 is swimming with the back of the neck TOTALLY relaxed and straight

3 swims on 1:30; these are freestyle; focus on keeping the back of the neck straight and relaxed with no tension in the neck

KICK SET:  300 or 400
3 X 50 kick of choice; try to kick differently on the first versus the second 25, e.g., feet above water on the first 25 and under the water on the second 25

3 kicks on 1:30

3 X 50 freestyle; first 25 is EVF drill; second 25 is freestyle with focus on keeping elbow high at the catch

3 swims on 1:30; freestyle; focus on EVF