Swimming Set of the Week – November 8, 2013

A mile of 25s will give you many oppotunities to work your pushoffs and breakouts.


WARMUP:  400 on your own

Spend 5 minutes practicing streamline vertical jumps.  Here’s a video you can show your swimmers ahead of time:

MAIN SET:  1800
Swim 6 rounds of the following.  Take an extra 20-50 seconds break between rounds.  Butterfly lengths should be 1L/1R/1 whole-stroke butterfly or 1L/1R/2 whole-strokes butterfly.

4 X 25 Freestyle on :25 sendoff/turnaround
4 X 25 Butterfly or Backstroke on :30
4 X 25 Breaststroke on :35

Focus Points for each Round
Round #1:  Plant your feet and get into tight streamline for all pushoffs.
Round #2:  Lead with the top of your head going into breakout (as opposed to leading with your face or eyes).
Round #3:  Quick, small kick into the breakout for Free and Fly
Round #4:  Be aware of your hand position going into breakout (no resistance on your palms)
Round #5:  No breathing on first stroke on Free and Fly
Round #6:  Championship finishes in each stroke (eyes down…fingertip touch…fully extended)