Swimming Set of the Week – November 29, 2013

This week’s set contains nine 200s and has all swimmers going on the same sendoff/turnaround.

This was the favorite (and toughest) set among Barbara’s masters swimmers this week.  It builds aerobic endurance, but will also take you over the aerobic threshold on the 200s at the end.   Performance is always enhanced with a little “accountability” courtesy of the white board 😉

WARMUP:  400 on your own

6 X 75 BK/BR/FR on 1:30
#1:  Push the backstroke
#2:  Push the breaststroke
#3:  Push the freestyle

MAIN SET:  2200
Do the set as a group, which means fastest swimmers might have time to do a 100 recovery instead of 50.  Throughout the set, you are looking for your “subtracted” time on each broken 200., i.e., your total time from start to finish minus the time that you rested on the wall.

Twice through the following:
1 X 200; negative split
1 X 50 recovery
1 X 200, broken at the 50 and 150 for EXACTLY 10 seconds
1 X 50 recovery

After you go twice through the above, do an easy swim until everyone is done and you can all regroup for…

8 X 25 pull or swim on :35; focus on relaxed exhale

5 X 200, broken at the 50 and 150 as follows.  Do an easy 50 recovery after each 200 (fastest swimmers can do 100 recovery).
#1:  Rest for exactly 10 seconds between segments
#2:  Rest for exactly 10 seconds…
#3:  Rest for exactly 20 seconds between segments
#4:  Rest for exactly 20 seconds…
#5:  Rest for exactly 30 seconds between segments
Goal:  Descend time 1-5
Note:  If you leave “on the 40” for #1 and #2, it’s easy to get your subtracted time.
If you leave “on the 20” for #3 and #4, it’s easy to get your subtracted time.
Leave on either the 00 or the 30 for #5.

100 easy, then group up for 4 X 50 choice on moderate sendoff