04/19/04 Breaststroke Taper in 20-Yard Pool

OK. Just 3 more practices before Masters Nationals later this week. I’m back in my home pool in Vermont this morning. My main focus today was the tether set. I wanted to practice swimming at super-high turnover rate.

600 EZ, alternating free, back, breaststroke kick

9 X 40 tether, focusing on finishing each kick while going against the tether and focusing on reaching full extension and FAST HANDS while going with the tether. Focus on streamlining into the finish.
1 X 80 tether

100 EZ

MAIN SET #1: 600
1 X 200 with fins, alternating 20 Underwater Body Dolphin and 20 Above-Water Body Dolphin. Focus on above-water recovery of hands

1 X 160 with fins, as above, but faster pace

1 X 120 with fins and paddles, as above, but faster pace

1 X 80 with fins and paddles, as above…faster

1 X 40 with fins, as above. Fast.

MAIN SET #2: 400
10 X 40 with 5 Rocket Launchers before eac 40. Alternated breast kick with board, breast kick with pull buoy, breast with pull buoy


Total Yardage: 2300