Go Swim Freestyle & Backstroke Drills

Freestyle and backstroke drills like you’ve never seen them before!

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Every great coach will tell you: Mastering the fundamentals is the first step toward mastering your sport. And in every sport, DRILLS are the fastest way to learn the fundamentals.

With extraordinary underwater footage, and with clear instructions that explain how AND WHY to do each drill, this DVD presents 24 drills that will help you master the fundamentals of fast freestyle and backstroke.

• For each stroke, you’ll find a PROGRESSION of drills, starting with those that teach the critical skills of balance and alignment.
• You’ll then learn drills that teach length, rotation, and timing – and drills that teach the fine points – like hand acceleration and how to "hold on" to the water.
• Each drill is illustrated from multiple angles – side, head-on, overhead, and rear – and from above and below the surface.
• Slow-motion footage allows you to zoom in on key moves and really SEE how to do them.

There’s always something more to search for in your stroke. Each of the 24 drills on Go Swim Freestyle and Backstroke Drills is FUN and will teach you something IMPORTANT about your stroke. Use them to heighten your "feel" for the water, and to help build a perfect stroke from the ground up.

GLENN MILLS was a member of the 1980 Olympic Team (200M Breaststroke) and 1982 USA World Championship Team, as well as 1983 NCAA Champion. He has coached at every level of the sport, from club to USS to elite, and has directed hundreds of weekend workshops and swim camps. In his more than twenty years as teacher and coach, he has worked with thousands of swimmers, helping them to develop technique and speed.

BARBARA HUMMEL held national age-group records in breaststroke, and competed in two US Olympic Trials (at age 12 and 16). She coaches Masters and age-group teams, and has worked with hundreds of swimmers at weekend and summer workshops.

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