04/27/04 CCB Masters T-1500 Etc.

It’s T-15 week, but with triathlon season just a few months away, we are bumping most of our swimmers up to a timed 1500 yards or a timed mile this month. Many of them will be doing Olympic-distance tris or even Half-Ironmans, where the swim distances are 1500 meters and 1.2 miles, respectively. So they need to get used to the distance, and to pacing themselves over a longer stretch of time — half an hour or so, compared to just 15 minutes. Those who did the T-1500 today did only a warmup and warmdown — no other practice. Here’s what the swimmers did if they didn’t do a timed swim.

400 EZ on your own.

MAIN SET: 1800
Swim 4 rounds of the following. Everything is with fins except for the 100s, which are nekked.
4 X 25 drill
2 X 50 Stroke/Free (stroke is anything but freestyle)
1 X 100 Your choice or IM. If you swim the same thing on all four 100s, try to descend your time throughout the set.

Round #1: Drill is Hand-Lead Body Dolphin, focusing on getting hips up and over. Go as far as you can without taking a breath.
Round #2: Drill is Head-Lead Active Flutter Kick, focus on rotating everything — torso, hips, feet
Round #3: Drill is Body-Dolphin Breast, focus on getting hips up
Round #4: Drill is Fingertip-Drag Freestyle, focus on continuous motion

WARMDOWN: 200-400

Total Yardage: Approx. 2500