Dave Denniston

Dave in action!Visit Dave’s Site and follow everything he’s up to!

Artist, and now educational writer, Dave has been working with us from the beginning of Go Swim. His talent as a swimmer is equaled by his talent for making the sport of swimming fun for all. His frequent posts to the discussion board, as well as great articles, make for a fantastic addition to the Go Swim site.

Dave is also the star of our Go Swim BreaststrokeGo Swim Breaststroke Turns & Pullouts, and Go Swim Breaststroke Drills DVDs.

• 1999 NCAA Champion – 200 Breaststroke, for Auburn University
• Member of the 2003 US Duel in the Pool Team
• Member of the 2003 United States World Championship Team
• Member of the 2002 World-Record-Setting 400 Meter Medley Relay 
.  Member of the 2008 USA Paralympic Team

DESCRIBE THE IMAGEYou can reach Dave by e-mailing [email protected]