01/22/03 500FLY Drills+500 BK+1000 BRST Drills+FR Sprint 20s

This practice was done in a 20-yard pool. If you do the same practice in a 25-yard pool, the yardage would be approximately 3,050 instead of 2500.

Use fins for the following butterfly set. Focus on looking DOWN at the water.
6 X 80, swum as 20 drill + 20 Body-Dolphin Fly + 20 drill + 20 Body-Dolphin Fly
1st 80: Drill is Head-Lead Body Dolphin
2nd 80: Drill is Hand-Lead Body Dolphin
3rd 80: Drill is Slide to the Corners
4th 80: Drill is Stoneskipper
5th 80: Drill is Hip-Delay Butterfly
6th 80: Drill is Double Body-Dolphin Butterfly

Take off fins for the following backstroke set:
4 X 120 backstroke with 15 seconds rest between each 120
Hold same stroke count throughout (my count was 10 s/l).

40 EZ Recovery

Put on fins for the following breaststroke sets. Focus on looking DOWN when I’m above water AND below water. Focus on keeping eyes and head DOWN until hands are at the “corners.”
Swim three rounds of the following:
4 X (20 Under-Water (UW) breast with dolphin kick + 20 Above-Water (AW) Body-Dolphin Breast + 20 UW breast with dolphin kick + 20 AW Double Body-Dolphin Breast)
Take 20 seconds rest between each 80.

1st Round: With flippers and fistgloves
2nd Round: With flippers and nekked hands
3rd Round: With flippers and paddles

40 EZ Recovery

Keep flippers on for the following freestyle set:
12 X 20 freestyle
Do fast body dolphin for your pushoff and breakout, then continue using body dolphin (not flutter kick) as you swim freestyle. At the start of each 20, alternate which side (left or right) you’re on when you do your pushoff and breakout.

6 X 20 FAST!!!!! freestyle
Do fast body dolphin for your pushoff and breakout, but then use FLUTTER KICK as you zoom down the pool. Try to build speed until you are swimming ALL OUT at the end of each lap.

200 EZ freestyle with fins

Total Yardage: 2500 yards