Swimming Workout of the Week – June 13, 2014

A simple set this week, but it’s the go-to set for Barbara’s masters swimmers preparing for long open-water swims this summer.

Each round is 2000 yards, so you can do as many rounds as you want.  Keep it interesting by adding equipment on each round, e.g., Round #1 no equipment, Round #2 pull, Round #3 fins.  If you do this, your sendoffs will probably change in each round.  Whatever pace you establish on your 100s, try to maintain that pace as you increase your distance.

4 X 100 on whatever sendoff/turnaround gives 15-20 seconds rest

3 X 200 on double your 100 sendoff (take the rest!)

2 X 300 on triple your 100 sendoff (take the rest!)

1 X 400 on quadruple your 100 sendoff (take the rest!)