Swimming Workout of the Week – October 17, 2014

This week’s set keeps the entire team on the same sendoff, but provides a self-motivation challenge for everyone.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

6 swims on 1:30
Choice of stroke, kick, drill, distance, equipment.  Just make the sendoff/turnaround!  Suggestion: Start with 50s of dolphin kick (no fins), segue to some 75s of drill, and maybe finish with a couple of 100s.

MAIN SET:  750 + ?????
On the 4-minute swims, go as far or as fast as you want.  Just be back at one of the walls before the 4 minutes are elapsed, to start the 50s.   If you do the same thing on all of the 4-minute swims, try to descend your time 1-4, or try to go a little farther each time.  Increasing the distance was the favorite challenge of Barbara’s masters team, with some progressing from 250, to 275, to 300, to 325.

4 X 50 Fly oro Fly drill or dolphin kick on 1:10 (SCY for Barbara’s team)
30 seconds extra rest so that you leave “on the top” to start the 4-minute swim

1 X 4-minute swim or pull or kick; choice

4 X 50 Backstroke or Back drill or flutter kick on 1:10
30 seconds extra rest to leave “on the top”

1 X 4-minute swim

3 X 50 Breaststroke or Breast drill of kick on 1:15
15 seconds extra rest to leave “on the top”

1 X 4-minute swim

4 X 50 Free or Free drill or flutter kick on 1:00
Extra 60 seconds rest

1 X 4-minute swim