01/23/03 – 200’s freestyle

1,000 warm up
Seems like the standard thing to do, and I like that I know what I have to do before I get there, and I like being able to split things up with what feels good. So I did a variation of my usual, 200 free-300 pull-200 kick – 300 free.

3 x 200 free on 2:50 followed by 4 x 100 IM on 1:45
Cruised the 200’s free, and held them around 2:20. Tried to go a little faster on the IM’s, but felt pretty tired this morning. Not a lot of pop in my strokes.

3 x 200 free on 3:00 followed by 4 x 100 stroke free on 1:50
Stayed pretty much the same on the 200’s, then tried to decend the 100’s with a fast 50 breast, then 50 free.

We did some 25’s sprint, and I think some more 100’s kick, but since I forgot to post this yesterday, I can’t remember. I do remember hearing that we did about 4,000 so I know I’m leaving some out. We did finish with fast kicking, which was pretty tough.

Good practice