01/24/03 – 400 for time

Standard Friday practice:

1,000 warm up
Since Friday is the 400 free for time, I usually end the 1,000 warm-up with some pace 100’s, trying to feel the pace I want to swim at. This morning my goal was to get under 4:30, so I knew I had to hold at least 1:07’s. I finished the warm-up with three 100’s on about the 1:30, and held about 1:05 – 1:07 with a turn at the end. Felt OK, but knew the 400 was going to hurt.

400 free, 2 x 200 free, 4 x 100 free. Everything on the 1:30 base
I tried to stay in control going out on the 400. I knew I was going to have to go out pretty fast, but I also knew if I BLASTED the 1st 100, I wasn’t going to even finish. Anyway, felt good, and ended up going a 4:26. So, met my goal.
Kept the 200’s under 2:20 and the hundreds I started at about 1:12 and dropped each one about 3 seconds, ending up at about a 1:03 by the last one.

This set is pull:
200 free, 2 x 100 free, 4 x 50 free, all on the 1:30 base
Cruised the 200 at just under 2:20
Decended the 100’s so the 2nd was under JUST under a minute. That was nice to see.
Decended the 50’s, but was pretty tired from the 100’s, and only got the last one to about a :28.

The next set is kick:
100, 2 x 50, 4 x 25, all on the 1:00 base
I did it all breast except the 50’s sprint at the end, which I alternated fly breast. Fly felt quick, but was very hard, breast felt slow, but was very easy. Go figure.

Did a little extra credit with a couple other swimmers this morning.

This set was all pull:
300 free on 4:15
went about a 3:25
2 x 150 on 2:10
just cruised these holding just under 1:10 base
4 x 75 on 1:05
I decended these and had a good race on the last couple with a really good swimmer. It’s so nice to be able to look over and have some inspiration at the end of practice.

Anyway, I figured I’d do some extra seeing that tomorrow, I’m supposed to jump in the Chesapeake Bay for a Polar Bear fund raiser for the Special Olympics. Just my luck this comes during the just about the COLDEST week in Maryland history. I checked the weather before I went swimming this morning, and there actually WARNINGS about the wind chill getting the temp under 0°. I’m swimming outdoors tomorrow, and the water is supposed to be around 38°.

Wish me luck!