CCB Masters 5 X (4 X 50) Free & Back

This is the practice for the CCB Masters team on 01/28/03.

200 EZ swim for those who have not learned the freestyle drills.
If you know the drills, swim 25 yards of each of the following:
Balance on Your Back
Balance on Your Stomach
Head-Lead Sweet Spot to Sweet Spot
Head-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down
Hand-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down
Five-Finger Freestyle
Wrist-Drag Freestyle
Single-Switch Freestyle

Swim 5 Rounds of the following:
1 X 50 LA Combo (Alternate 3 strokes free and 4 strokes back)
1 X 50 backstroke
1 X 50 EZ freestyle, focus on lengthing your body
1 X 50 FAST!!!! freestyle

Each of the four 50s is on a different sendoff. The LA Combo is on 1:10. Backstroke is on 1:05. EZ freestyle is on 1:00. Fast freestyle is on :55.

50 EZ recovery

4 X 100 on 2:00 sendoff. The third lap of each 100 is backstroke; all other laps are freestyle.

50 EZ recovery

4 X 25 freestyle taking only 2 breaths per lap
4 X 25 silent freestyle
Your recovery between each of the 25s is 5 easy bobs.

Total Yardage: 1,900