Easy Speed – Water


DESCRIBE THE IMAGE Somebody once told me that you’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. Have you ever tried that? Don’t…you won’t stop peeing for a week. A more realistic goal is to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and drink from it throughout the day.

DESCRIBE THE IMAGE Always have a water bottle during workout. Whether it’s dryland, swimming, running, or weights, you should always drink water between exercises. Treat you water bottle like your best friend. Since I don’t have any real friends, I say my water bottle is my best friend. He always gets a little upset after I put him in the dishwasher (he complains about it being too hot), but we get along okay.

Sometimes, when I’m not having a good workout, I throw my best friend as hard as I can against the wall. This usually causes his cranium to crack or pop off. I’ve replaced my best friend on several occasions (Thanks, Nike!). But he always leaves me satisfied and hydrated.

How does this make you faster? Water helps your muscles rebuild after working out. Without water you will stay sore a lot longer. When you are sore, it’s very difficult to swim fast. When you aren’t sore, you can swim really fast. Simple enough?