02/03/03 – February Fitness Frolic

I swam some over the weekend while I was teaching a small class, but this will be my first official practice of “February Fitness Frolic”. It seems that the group I swim with in the mornings uses February as a Fund Raiser to benefit the Hopkins Oncology Center. If anyone is interested in throwing me some money to help this cause, shoot me an e-mail. My goal will be to swim over 100,000 meters by the end of February. My official tally as of this point was 3,800 yards on Saturday, Feb 1st., but I do not have a practice to post as this was done over the course of teaching. So you’re just going to have to TRUST me on this.

Warm-up – 1,000
Usual way, but swam more that usual, very little kick on this one.

3 x 500 – 1st on 7:30, 2nd on 7:00, 3rd on 6:30
Just held them all around 5:50. Felt pretty good, just trying to maintain a good rhythm.

Ladder set for YARDAGE!!!
100 – 200 – 300 – 200 – 100 – 200 – 300 – 200 – 100
Everything was on the 1:30 base except the 200’s which were on 2:45. I swam some and pulled some. Up to the 1st 300, I held just under 1:15/100. On the way to the next 100, I held 1:07 – 1:09 / 100. From the last 300 down, I held 1:05 – 1:07 / 100.

4 x 75 free on 1:15
Smooth and easy, working the pace off each wall.

500 loosen down, alternating freestyle/breaststroke by 25. Breaststroke working on keeping the kick narrow.

5,000 for this practice
8,800 for February