04/08/03 CCB Masters practice. We’ve been working on stroke counting and trying to develop a stroke-count “range” in our freestyle, but we haven’t worked much on building speed and a higher turnover (stroke rate). This practice lets you experiment with a higher rate for brief intervals, with lots of recovery and drill laps in between. We didn’t worry about counting strokes today. The assignment was just to GO FAST on certain laps, and not worry about how many strokes you were taking. Just let the stroke flow and get a fast turnover going.

03/27/03 CCB Masters practice. This is the team’s first practice with fistgloves. Everyone thought they were a little strange at first, but they loved the feeeling of power when they took them off for the final set.

03/18/03 CCB Masters practice. This was the team’s introduction to sculling. Whew! It looks so simple and easy, but it is an incredible workout for the hands, forearms, and upper arms. In addition to building arm strength, sculling is great for teaching you how to “hold on” to the water with your hands and forearms.