Stories begin with an indefinite time, once upon a time… This history began November 1, 2000. The time has left tracks on this webpage witness of the transformations. To work in a country and a particular state, out of joint, or with many realities-Oaxaca, with a structural language and a grammar so far away from the worldwide language of success, has been a CHALLENGE.

“The more I see him (Lance Armstrong), the more I tell myself that he’s the only one. He’s on another planet.” — Salvodelli, Discovery Team

In Mexico, the creation of an athlete is not a matter of luck. It demands patience, and is an adventure in constant creation. It requires of a TEAM and people willing to learn in spite of the cultural difficulties. Here is the story of one young Mexican athlete, Javier Gris Cid, Mexico’s 2004 Triathlon National Champion, age 12-14.

This adventure began six years ago, when Glenn Mills introduced me to a different way of training. At that time I also met Art Aungst, who coached his girls’ high school swim team to the New York State High School Championship two years in a row, off a daily training base of just 3000-4000 yards.