Simple is Effective

This past week I spent four days driving down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the ASCA World Clinic. To fight off the impending boredom, that is a guarantee with 36 hours in the car alone, I brought along some books on tape.

A Time For Learning

This summer I have been busy doing lessons with kids in the area. All of the kids that I have worked with are on or have been a part of a competitive team. So I wasn’t doing a learn to swim program.

Yesterday I sat down to watch Stage 10 of the Tour de France. As everyone on the planet is no doubt aware, Lance Armstrong is attempting to continue his dominance by winning a seventh straight Tour.

Time for Change

Every Thursday like clockwork I get my copy of Sports Illustrated to give me reading material for the week. While I have to say their coverage of Olympic sports is sad to say the least, they have put out a couple of articles that really caught my attention.

Breaking Point

How much is too much? As a coach this is something that you have to make yourself aware of on a daily basis. You want to be on the fringe without going too far.

Nowhere But Up

This is graduation weekend at the Naval Academy, which means that a new class of Mids has endured some of the most noble and honorable schooling of any class in the country.

Summer league swimming is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get involved in the sport of swimming.

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with a corporate call center and now have a new understanding of what it means to be in customer service. What follows is the true account of my dealings with a major TV service provider whom I will call “Dish N*twork.” I am an idiot for not seeing the writing on the wall.

This past weekend we had a chance to hang with some old friends in the best place to do it, on a pool deck. The New Jersey mini clinic was a get-together of old pals. So Glenn and I packed up the truck and hit the road. Mr. Blue made the trip with us as well. Some of you might remember him from the Coach Black posts last season.