The Test

When I was a kid, there was a cartoon that I absolutely could not go without, and that was G.I. Joe. I guess it was my need to be utterly surprised when G.I. Joe somehow foiled Cobra Commander’s sinister plans on EVERY SHOW.

Every morning on the way to the pool Glenn and I listen to a replay of David Letterman�s Top Ten from the previous night. So in staying with the Thanksgiving theme, I have whipped up a list of Coach Black�s Top Ten Swimming Things to be Thankful For:

Due to popular demand from our swim-clinic alumni, we will be holding a mini clinic in central New Jersey, at Monmouth University. This is a great opportunity to learn the little things that will help big time.

This morning I was in the pool with a kid who has tremendous potential. At the end of practice I asked him to finish with a 100 — all out. I can’t recall exactly how it went down, but I think it went something like…whine, ahh!! I can’t do that. Or maybe it was ahh!! I can’t do that, whine. I get confused because all these complaints sound the same to me. After he got done feeling sorry for himself, I told him that he was going to have to dig deep into the well and find something to finish strong.

Regular Guys

This weekend I attended my first swim clinic, the Ohio Swimposium put on by Kastaway swim wear. I was a little nervous at first and secondly a little scared because I thought that I would have to wear a polo shirt.

What Happened?

After the first two days of Olympic swimming, everyone is asking: What happened to American men’s swimming? Despite pre-Games reports that this was the deepest US swimming team since 1976, the men’s team has been less than its usual dominant. We watched the US men lose the 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay for the second time, and fall from silver to bronze. Then there was the disastrous men’s 100 Free, in which no American advanced beyond prelims. These are both firsts in the history of American men’s swimming. But if you take a closer look, you can see that US swimming isn’t struggling as much as it seems.

This is a great drill for all of you out there who don’t like to think when you swim. All practices need to be a mixture of thought and pain. It’s important to think about what you’re doing when you swim, but sometimes you just have to let thought go and go for the burn. You won’t get in peak physical condition without pushing your limits and expectations of what you can do.

Some of you may or may not have seen the show Orange County Chopper. I think that it is on the discovery channel Wednesday’s at 10:30, or at least it used to be.

The Unmasking

Over the past few weeks we have been running a series of clues as to my true identity. Well the river card is down and I have to show my hand.