As you can see from the growing list at the bottom of the page, some super sleuths have cracked my code. Apparently I made the clues too easy, or perhaps I haven�t done enough to protect my identity throughout the year.

Who Is Black?

I have been writing for the website for the past seven months or so. I have tried my hardest to remain anonymous while writing about the athletes I’ve coached over the past three seasons. If you’ve followed my entries as “Coach Black,” you know that I have moved on from coaching Division I athletes to…something new.

Banquet Time

This past weekend I attended my team’s annual swimming and diving banquet. I am not a fan of banquets, but this one was different. This was the first time I’ve realized what a banquet is for: closure. This year the banquet held particular significance because it marked the end not only of the season but also of my career here. This would be the final banquet I would attend in my current position.

Spring Training

Nothing says “springtime” like the return of Major League Baseball, and nothing seems more predictable than the headlines that have been issuing this year from the Grapefruit League and the Cactus League.

With the end of something great comes the inevitable absence of great. For the past twenty-six weeks I have been writing about how we prepared our team for a final championship weekend.

This is something that I have heard a lot lately. While I am thankful for the appreciation that people show me for the work that I do, there are two things that are inherently wrong with this statement.

When I was a wee lad making my way through elementary school we had art projects that were an attempt to make everyone feel like they were budding artists. The art projects were simple.

This past weekend we had our biggest duel meet of the second semester. It was against the league rival that most closely resembles our team. In the past ten years, the competitions between our two teams — in every sport — have grown in intensity.