The Breaststroke Kick

The breaststroke kick, usually viewed as one of the most difficult and complex swimming motions, is a relatively simple movement. It’s just that it’s so different from the other kicks. In dolphin kick and flutter kick, the one that’s used to introduce swimmers to the sport, it’s the tops of the feet that are used to propel us forward.

Well, getting the DVDs set up, traveling to CA to film Dave, then to Indy for the Duel in the Pool, I’ve shirked my swimming for about a month.

Parents’ Commitment

I recently had a chance to talk with an old coaching friend. He expressed frustration with the level of commitment on his team – missed practices, lack of motivation during training, unwillingness to give up leisure activities to spend more time training.

Duel in the Pool

United States Swimming put on quite a show last weekend in Indianapolis. The pool in Indy is arguably one of the nicest facilities in the world, and proved it was the perfect venue for a meet of this sort… except for the bleachers up high, next time I’m taking a portable seat with a back.

Dave Denniston

Artist, and now educational writer, Dave has been working with us from the beginning of Go Swim. His talent as a swimmer is equaled by his talent for making the sport of swimming fun for all. His frequent posts to the discussion board, as well as great articles, make for a fantastic addition to the Go Swim site.

Team Technique Day

One of Go Swim’s most popular services is the TEAM CAMP. For a team camp, we send our top coaches to work intensively with YOUR swimmers in YOUR pool, and with YOUR coaches on deck.

03/04/03 – Easy Day

I think everyone was just plain tired this morning. Didn’t seem like anyone was really motivated to practice, so we just kinda went through the motions, and still had a good time.

I was asked yesterday to write up the practice for everyone this morning. Now, knowing that people want to get in a certain amount of yardage, I had to accomplish that, as it is a fund-raiser month. But I also wanted to put a signature on the practice that stroke work is MY thing!