Uh… We got some snow

Well… in case you thought I fell off the swim wagon, please understand, the pools are all closed. Like so many people up and down the east coast, we just got SLAMMED with a storm and got about 25 inches of snow.

02/11/03 – 1,000 sets

Everything on this day seemed to add up to about a 1,000, which made adding everything up, pretty darn simple.

This is an interesting sequence of Dave’s breaststroke. One of the most interesting aspects of Dave’s stroke is that his feet remain back and in streamline position until his hands have completed the pull and are moving forward.

Well, with just a couple days before my first meet in many, many years, I KNOW I’m not ready to swim fast, but I’m going to have a good time anyway (time meaning FUN with friends, NOT fast swimming). I figured I should test out breaststroke a little, so I had to go to the deep end and swim with a couple friends, as not everyone wanted to do what I needed to do.

Basically, still hurting from the practice yesterday, I kinda cruised through a long warm-up, and planned on continuing the “cruise” pace, but ended up getting a little carried away, and started working really hard again. I’m gonna be sore for the meet this weekend, but… it’s not trials, so I guess it doesn’t really matter:

Man, getting this February Fitness Challenege going the week of my first swim meet in many years may have not been the best idea. I’m going to pay for this one.

I swam some over the weekend while I was teaching a small class, but this will be my first official practice of “February Fitness Frolic”. It seems that the group I swim with in the mornings uses February as a Fund Raiser to benefit the Hopkins Oncology Center. If anyone is interested in throwing me some money to help this cause, shoot me an e-mail. My goal will be to swim over 100,000 meters by the end of February. My official tally as of this point was 3,800 yards on Saturday, Feb 1st., but I do not have a practice to post as this was done over the course of teaching. So you’re just going to have to TRUST me on this.