Let’s face it. Swimming is a repetitive sport that puts your muscles through some rather unnatural motions. And no matter how strong or experienced a swimmer you are, swimming for long periods of time can and often does result in shoulder soreness and injury. But there are some simple things that, if you do them every day, act as a pre-emptive strike against soreness and injury. All you need are 5 minutes and two pieces of surgical tubing, or surgical bands.

We recently announced our “I Wrote a Go Swim DOTW” contest. Winners will have their drill posted on the site, along with a mention of their team, and will receive an “I Wrote a Go Swim DOTW” T-shirt. We have had several great entries, and our first-ever winner is…Drum Roll.

We’ve had many new visitors to the GoSwim.tv site. As a way of guiding them to the best drills and articles in our archives, we will periodically re-announce some of our best stuff (well, at least the stuff that’s the most USEFUL) as “CLASSICS.” This week’s CLASSIC is a test set that hones your sense of pace and is a good predictor of what you’ll go in a 100 at your next meet. We thought this would be a useful set for those of you who are currently tapering for end-of-season championships.

Just one of the outstanding features of the Bison Go Swim Camp is the facility. Bucknell has a one of the newest, nicest, most state-of-the art pools in the eastern USA.

At Go Swim, we love to get in the water and think up new drills. But no matter how hard we try, we�ll never be able to think up ALL of them. We KNOW there are many great drills out there, just waiting for a chance to be published and tried by swimmers all over the world. In fact, some of you have written to us with your favorite drills. So….