Cincinnati Bound

As a result of our 2004 summer swim camps and recent team clinics, Go Swim has had requests to hold additional clinics in different areas of the country. We think this is a great idea, because it will let us interact with more swimmers IN PERSON, rather than just on the website.

This is one of many dryland exercises that you can do with a stretch cord (Am I the only one that thinks dry land is redundant,) All you need to do this right is a stretch cord and something to hook it up to. Door handles, shelves, pillars, and chain link fences are good things to hook it up to.

Post-Season Doldrums

For the past four years we have been watching and anticipating the outcome of seven days of competition in Athens. For the swimmers who competed, the training and anticipation has consumed their life, perhaps for decades. This Athens Olympics left all swimming fans breathless. It seems that the sport has captivated more of a national audience than ever before. I spent the better part of every day during the games glued to the TV, or checking results online. So we had the build-up and the spectacular delivery. Now what?

Cadence and Stroke Rate

Yesterday, July 21, I watched the perfect display of athleticism meeting race preparation — in the Tour de France. This happened to be the day of the infamous L’ Alpe d’Huez climb, a 15.5-km hill that has 21 switchbacks throughout the course.

[b]CAMP NEWS[/b]

What do Lewisburg, PA; Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY; and East Aurora, NY, have in common? They’re small towns (15,000 population). They’re located in the Northeast (nice climate). And Go Swim will be hosting a swim camp at each of them this summer.