It was my day to call workout today, and the group that I train with is one week into our annual “February Fitness Frolic”. I have been wanting to call what is sometimes referred to as a T-30 — as many lengths as you can complete in 30 minutes. I say I have been wanting to call, maybe that is not quite correct. Let’s say, I have been feeling like it was my duty (to myself at least) to call a T-30. The raison d’etra of our group is to get in shape for long distance open water races, specifically the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, so, no one can say it’s an inappropriate call. But still, it’s a dicey call, not necessarily a crowd-pleaser. And there are no rules in our group, it’s not like the other swimmers HAVE to do it, just because I called it. It would be a downer if I called it and nobody opted to do it with me. Which brings me to the biggest impediment to this call, if you call it, you gotta DO it, and that’s the really scary part (for me anyhow). It is one thing to think that a certain set or workout would be good for you, quite another to subject yourself to it. For better or for worse, I went for it. Luckily, because my group is a bunch of gamers, I did not have to go it alone.