Backstroke – Shoulder Recovery

Over a decade ago as we were starting the Drill of the Week, we published a drill called Shoulder Pop. It’s great that’s still so valid, and here’s some advanced views on that.

Breaststroke – Flip Turns With No Pushoff

Nearly 7 years ago, we published a drill that showed breaststrokers using flip turns and no underwater pull to better simulate long course training in a short course pool. Here’s another level to that.

Breaststroke – Sneaky Extension Practice

One of the most important aspects of a great breaststroke will be the extended position underwater. Here’s a little bit of a sneaky way to get your swimmers to practice this.

Turns – Air Control Flip Turn

Many swimmers, especially ones still learning, can tend to allow too much air to escape during the flip turn. This is done to make sure no water goes UP the nose, but it also has a detrimental effect on your pushoff.

Breaststroke – Back Throw Extension

This drill uses fins, and focuses on two specific aspects of an updated breaststroke technique, using your back to get you into extension better, and diving forward into a shallow bodyline.

Freestyle – Shoulder Breath

If it weren’t for the breath… that darn need for air… just about anyone could learn to swim a beautiful freestyle. This drill, which asks you to connect the shoulder to the breath, can help you establish better rhythm and timing.