Main Set Friday – Heart Rate

The goal of this set is to have the heart rate stay as close as possible to where it starts. When the interval gets a bit tougher, and the distance a bit longer, you’ll know if you started with the proper stroke count.

Starts – Deep Pool Vertical Entry

So you’ve got a big group of kids you’re trying to teach starts to, but you have to be safe, and run them all through a skill quickly and repeatedly… start from the end.

Obervations from Masters Practice

A few days each week, I get to coach people my own age at masters practice. The dynamics are very different from coaching kids, and it keeps my job very interesting.

Turns – Under-Over Drill

When trying to get large groups of swimmers practicing proper pushoffs, sometimes NOT giving them a choice is a great way to teach.

Observations From Age-Group Practice

We could all literally do this every day. When you just sit back and observe the daily actions of age-group swimmers, there are always things that you’d like to see being done differently. Here’s a quick list from last night:

Turns – Deep Pushoffs

If you want great underwaters, you have to start with the right angle. Here’s a drill that’s fun for kids, and teaches good habits.