Bilateral Breathing

WARMUP:  800 400 on your own, then… Four rounds: 1 X 75 freestyle   By 25, breathe Right, breathe Left, breathe … READ

Pick Your Distance

WARMUP: 400 (or 10 minutes) on your own WARMUP SET: 200-300 4 kicks on 1:10 (can be 50s or 75s) … READ


WARMUP: 400 (or 10 minutes) on your own WARMUP SET: 200 8 X 25 freestyle from a dive on 1:00; … READ

The Race

While visiting a team recently, the swimmers hit us up with many questions. One of the questions was about managing … READ

To Flip or NOT to Flip

Coaching and athletics always included “philosophical” ideals.  Avoiding pushing an athlete passed a functional or usable point before they’re ready … READ

This week’s set combines 25s and a few 50s for a very wild ride. Favorite workout for Barbara’s masters swimmers this week.


Over the past fifteen years, we’ve created thousands of swimming videos.  By sharing them on social media – YouTube, Instagram, … READ

Why GoSwim Premium

For nearly 16 years, GoSwim has provided a mix of free, and for pay content to the swimming community.  In … READ