Swimming Workout of the Week – May 9, 2014

This week’s set starts with technique…specifically, how your hands and forearms interact with the water on the catch…and finishes with six 100s that test how well you paid attention during the technique session.

Main Set Monday – Tempo Trainer Discovery

When teaching swimmers how to figure out their rate for freestyle, sometimes you have to put them into a state of discomfort. Some rates are good for some, some are good for others. Treating the entire group the same means there will always be someone who is unhappy. Oh well. 😉

Breaststroke – Back Throw Extension

This drill uses fins, and focuses on two specific aspects of an updated breaststroke technique, using your back to get you into extension better, and diving forward into a shallow bodyline.

Backstroke – Topher Drill

Revisiting one of the original Drill of the Week videos. This takes us way back, to working with a very specific young swimmer named Christopher. Christopher had a problem of using a straight arm backstroke pull, and through the process of trying to fix it, we came up with this little process.

The First Time

We live in a world of athletics, doing our best to surround ourselves with people who have the desire to be the best at what they do.

Freestyle – Position 11 Surge

When swimmers start to become more accomplished, they can start to add smaller focus points to standard drills. This is one instance of that.